Allegheny Chapter

The Allegheny Chapter of the BMW Car Club

Allegheny Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2021

Attendees: Bob, Maxine, Lisa, Jeff, Chris, Jonathan, Spencer, Nathan  

The following topics were discussed:

  1. The last meeting minutes were reviewed and approved by Bob, Jeff, and Chris.
  2. New, updated Allegheny Chapter By-Laws were presented by Maxine. Maxine reviewed and conveyed the new verbiage that is now listed under each board member’s title. All board members agreed with the changes. 
  3. The newsletter was discussed, and Maxine conveyed that the newsletter is still the Chapter’s responsibility but not to publish independently but to submit the information to National. There are two newsletter editions per year. 
  4. Jeff reviewed the tentative schedule of events for this upcoming year. Please refer to Jeff’s handout. Jeff mentioned the need for a possible “touring Rally Committee to spearhead drives. Jeff reminded the board that we were not able to hold the HPDE event this past fall due to Covid issues/guidelines. Jeff mentioned that we prefer to have instructors in the cars with the students, rather than a “lead/follow” driver school. 
  5. Maxine reviewed the most recent National updates per email she received. Maxine asked board members to be a liaison for the event committees. The liaison will be able to attend committee meetings and report the information to the board. The following are the specifics for each liaison:
  6. Jon- PVGP & Dealership (P&W), Lisa- Street Survival, Spencer- Club Race Chair, Jeff- Club Race; Karting; May drive, Chris- Performance events; PVGP; Erie-Dealer, Bob – PVGP (work w Jon); Dealership (A&L; Rahal), Nathan- Dealership (Sewickley), Maxine – Newsletter; sub-liaison as needed. Jeff suggested using a “Marketing Packet” when visiting the BMW dealers. 
  7. Nathan discussed the Allegheny Chapter website. He stated that almost all of the events are posted. Karting registration is posted and available for registration. Nathan stated that he still needs to post the “Last Drive “event once he receives the exact date. Nathan stated that he will post meeting minutes within 30days of Board approval. Nathan questioned whether he should post business meetings which is up for discussion. 
  8. The meeting was adjourned by Maxine