Allegheny Chapter

The Allegheny Chapter of the BMW Car Club

Spring Drive

2019 Spring Drive details can be found HERE. 

Our Spring Drive began with no rain – or SNOW!  As we gathered in Cranberry to begin our journey, there was an excitement in the air for the drive.  Our first drive of the year!  Emilio Veneziano was our Drive Master and discussed the course as it had been laid out.  A spirited ride through the back roads of Cranberry before jumping on 79 and exiting Bridgeville to take route roads and more back roads to our final destination.  What could go wrong?  Check out the next newsletter to find out!

Below you can see a few of the photos from the driving tour which took us to Cleveland, Ohio. Destination; The Western Reserve Historical Society and a tour of the Crawford Auto Museum.

Below are some photos of our 2015 Annual Spring Drive, courtesy of Emilio & Francesca Veneziano.  We could not have asked for a better day seeing as the last two years we have been caught in rain and snow. A beautiful day for a drive that began in Murrysville and ended in Bedford, with a few stops in between.  Thank you to Jeff Taylor and all that were involved in planning this year’s Spring Drive and for planning an enjoyable route for all.