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Fall Leaves Tour

35th Annual – Fall Leaves Tour & Picnic ūüćĀūüćÉūüćā

Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017

Time: 10:00 am Р5:00 pm

Location:  Watters Smith State Park, West Virginia

Host:   Rudi & the Committee (more info to follow)


HERE ‘ s the DEAL!

Before some of you were born, let alone legal and driving a BMW, the Trek to the wilds of West Virginia had begun.

Now………35 years later, the Ancients, Rudi (from A.C.) & Dave (from Mt. State) invite and request your presence at the upcoming Allegheny Chapter/Mt. State picnic.¬† It’s our Oktoberfest of sorts:¬† even if it’s in October, not September,¬† even if it doesn’t boast the ‘never-ending’ BeerStein,¬† even if it’s at Watters Smith State Park, not Munich.

It’s still the EVENT to attend.¬† ” Welcome”to new members, “glad to see you again”, to past participants, -it’s a fun drive, highway, fabulous fall foliage, and too few twisty two-lane roads to get to the park.

It’s FREE, just bring a side dish, anything that’s your speciality.¬† A.C. provides pulled pork sammies, chilled shrimp cocktail, water and sodas(it’s West Virginia & DRY).

We share a delicious lunch. Last year we bought a Brick for the Foundation funded by a raffle courtesy of Marianne Meehan.   There are walking and biking paths, swings, a pond, original log cabin  and model pioneer farm of Watters Smith , right down to a family graveyard to explore.

It happens, RAIN or SHINE, since we have an indoor facility with full kitchen and B.R.’s.

Keep  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2017 on your calendar.

We meet up at:
WENDY’s at Great Southern Shopping Center. (off of Rt 50.)

@ 10:00am Р10:15am

We leave, via caravan at approximately 10:30am

It’s a two hour drive
With one rest stop, about 1 hour into trip.
We take I 79. South
To Exit 110-Lost Creek
Follow directions to West Milford, then left onto Duck Creek Road(about 7 miles) once in Park, left at Activities BLdg.

Click HERE to R.S.V.P.  please by October 8th.

Any questions:  Rudi & The Committee @

Click HERE to see some photos from the 2015 Fall Leaves Tour & Picnic.

Below you can find a beautifully written article by Kate Flavin.



Excitement was in the air as we joined the BMWs gathering at Great Southern Shopping Center in Bridgeville on Saturday morn, October 17, 2015.¬† The blustery, cold wind and grey overcast sky that made me wish for winter gear, but I was anticipating warmer weather.¬† After all, we were heading due south, our destination Watters Smith State Park, traditional venue of our annual T & P, “THE PICNIC” in West Virginia.

We were 15 cars strong and realized that just may be too many Bimmers to maintain as an organized caravan.¬† Too much of a good thing (all those beautiful cars) and tedious, what with all the passing and trying to stay together, so we formed two wings, 7 and 8 cars .¬† Bill Permar was lead car for the first group and Mike Meehan, in Marianne’s cute red 325 convertible, was lead car of the second group. Rudi’s little olde black 325 ix (Black Magic Woman) was clean-up car, catering to stragglers, join-en-routers, breakdowns and whatever.

The drive was smooth and fast, although a few more of those twisty, two-lane West Virginia country roads would have been appreciated.  Upon arrival at the Park, the leaves were a canopy of crimson and scorching yellows and deep burgundy that enveloped us with a peaceful calm and an invitation to stretch our legs and enjoy a gorgeous fall day.  The Lodge had a welcoming fire blazing against the chill.   Maybe it was the brisk weather or that it was lunch time and we were hungry or simply because the dessert table was first to be set up that, in no time, a crowd was engaged in sweets and animated conversation.   Appetizers were quickly put out and the barbecue was soon sizzling on the stove.

Folks were chatty and checking out the scenery and picnic area, while with no little haste the ‘chef’ readied the¬† succulent pulled pork and hot sides and salads, and did we get right to it!¬† As always, there was more than plenty.¬† We are thankful for the bounteous sharing of friends and good food.¬† Wise beyond his tenure, our President regaled us with the shortest welcome speech ever.¬† George Synder then gave a splendid introduction to Rudi and Dave Chenoweth (from Mt. State), two of the original, thirty-three straight years’, Picnickers!

Funny, but our initial encounter with Dave was us (Rudi & I) cruising on I 79 in our ’83 733i five speed toward our very first West Virginia picnic.¬† In fact it was our first ever BMW(no space)CCA event ever.¬† We passed a powder blue¬† 3 Series BMW.¬† Turns out it was Dave and though he was going about 90 mph,¬† we just flew by him.¬† Naturally, Dave had to pass us, and the game was afoot.¬† Yes, they played a bit, but it was all in fun.¬† When our cars met up at the parking lot of the picnic grove in Watters Smith State Park, “I knew you must be going here”, a friendship was forged that has lasted these 33 years.¬† All because we share the ‘Freude am Fahren, driving the ultimate Marque,’ i.e. BMW.’

That about sums up the picnic:¬† friends, food and cars.¬† Our granddaughter was there with her little Bimmer, we rejoined lots of¬† familiar faces and met a few new ones. Several doggies, a ‘photo-drone’, the mass gathering for our traditional group photo (which would be a great FULL PAGE PICTURE above October of our club 2016 Calendar), folks exploring the ‘model-farm’ park, taking kids on walkabouts of grounds, sliding boards and swings, throwing pebbles in the pond and courtesy of Marianne, games and prizes,¬† all and everything made for a fun afternoon.¬† Clean-up was a breeze, because everyone helps, and a special thanks to Johna for washing the pots (my least favorite thing of the entire picnic).

We hope to continue the legacy of the ‘FEAST & CELEBRATION of THE WURST’¬† and the continued joint event which Allegheny Chapter has shared with Mt. State for the last 33 years.¬† We (the Committee),¬† encourage y’all to give it a try next year.¬† If you remember from our last Newsletter (and who doesn’t read ” The Allegheny Apex ” now???), as Lou Ann Shirk said “Allegheny Chapter Knows How To Throw A Party” and, of course,¬† we know what a PICNIC! should be.

Thanks to all,  and love to all,

Kate¬†¬† (Chair of Rudi’s FLT&P Committee)